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  I write today with a sad, disillusioned heart.  For many years, since my son’s arrest and subsequent 20 year federal sentence, I have been an active and proud member of the FedCURE organization.  To that end, I have supported every call for action, signed every petition, made calls to elected officials, and gave generously of my time, money and energy on behalf of FedCURE.  I whole-heartedly believed I was supporting a group that was fighting for the best interest of my son behind bars.  I was wrong. 

  I believed, however naively,  that I was part of a fair-minded group who stood for justice for all.  After all, a group that is supposedly made up of family members with a loved one in prison or have themselves experienced the pain and stigma of incarceration, would never stand in judgement of anyone in this predicament.  I was wrong.

  Perhaps as an example of my naivety, I posted a thread regarding prisoner treatment and the access to prison computers.  In that post I shed light on the nature of my son’s charge which consisted of  possession of child pornography.  He was sent a file of a Limewire type shareware program and did, in fact, open and viewed two but was charged with possession of the almost 1,000 images that were (and remained) unopened.  I posted this thread fully believing I would be supported by  FedCURE and it’s members and not encounter judgement.  I was wrong. 

  Judgement is exactly what I got.  After an initial barrage of vile and lurid messages (some emanating from one prominent “infamous” member) telling me just how SICK and DESPICABLE the charges, and in the end, my son were, I felt attacked, violated and shamed, not to mention completely shocked.  For the almost 5 years that I have been a member, I was never under any assumption other than that FedCURE stood for all.  I was wrong.    

  Some have written that FedCURE only stands for federal sentencing issues, well, that’s what I thought too and is the primary reason I joined the site.   My son is serving a  disproportionate sentence of 20 years for opening 2 pictures, when murderers can get out in half the time.  So I would answer those writing that, yes, FedCURE should be all about sentencing issues.    I have held out for so long that the FedCURE umbrella would afford protection and support for all that were sentenced, including my son and thousands like him.  I was wrong.

  I thought I would forever be a proud, lifetime member of FedCURE.  I was wrong.   


  “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up”                   Jesse Jackson



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She lies awake daring the night to a stare

Pupils wide open to the ghosts in the air

Her mind’s eye wandering off with a mind of its own

But where

A chamber, perhaps; cloaked thinly by the accent of her child’s cries

And witnessed only through the lens of a mother’s eyes

Well, a wistful swing to the past waits if she dares

A door swung wide to a thousand days olden

As seasons aging turn the aspens golden

Must be some warm memories there

Must be, must be

The genesis parading now unhurried and unfettered

After all, it was only the beginning; it was only yesterday

Tricycles and popsicles and first walk up the stairs

In Polaroid moments then gone in a flash

Come now into frame, no chance to revise

Now hang on the wall

In a mother’s eyes

A mother’s eyes never really close now do they

And rarely do they sleep

Ne’er to welcome slumber’s peace

For they still have souls to keep

Dreams to guard

A job never done

Ah, but having laid witness to the pain of labour and the labour of pain

She is most familiar with this bane

Discovering her fancy wrapped now in the throws of an implacable chain

She laments

For too rapidly went the years

For too quickly came the tears

For too gripping are the fears

And though she pines for the loss unspoken

There remains a way to a bond unbroken

Just a mile, she’d say; as the crow flies

Even less when drifting through the love

Of a mother’s eyes

JUNE 2011

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