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She lies awake daring the night to a stare

Pupils wide open to the ghosts in the air

Her mind’s eye wandering off with a mind of its own

But where

A chamber, perhaps; cloaked thinly by the accent of her child’s cries

And witnessed only through the lens of a mother’s eyes

Well, a wistful swing to the past waits if she dares

A door swung wide to a thousand days olden

As seasons aging turn the aspens golden

Must be some warm memories there

Must be, must be

The genesis parading now unhurried and unfettered

After all, it was only the beginning; it was only yesterday

Tricycles and popsicles and first walk up the stairs

In Polaroid moments then gone in a flash

Come now into frame, no chance to revise

Now hang on the wall

In a mother’s eyes

A mother’s eyes never really close now do they

And rarely do they sleep

Ne’er to welcome slumber’s peace

For they still have souls to keep

Dreams to guard

A job never done

Ah, but having laid witness to the pain of labour and the labour of pain

She is most familiar with this bane

Discovering her fancy wrapped now in the throws of an implacable chain

She laments

For too rapidly went the years

For too quickly came the tears

For too gripping are the fears

And though she pines for the loss unspoken

There remains a way to a bond unbroken

Just a mile, she’d say; as the crow flies

Even less when drifting through the love

Of a mother’s eyes

JUNE 2011


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Flicker of Hope

I long to see beauty

and the promise of a better day.

I ache for restored faith in humanity

The warmth of a helping hand along the way.

This winter of my discontent

has been long and certainly taken its toll,

Leaving me fractured and bitter

holding tightly to my frozen soul.

And yet,  my spirit is not broken

Hope  is a hard thing to kill,

Only a small flicker can sustain you

when nothing else will.

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I wonder if safe is just an illusion
danger waiting to spring
just when you are lulled into a false sense of security
when you least expect it
all going well
sun shining on a quiet day
and catastrophe silently looming
and you are grinning like a fool
cause you think you got it all figured out
you live right and love well
and nothing can hurt you
and that is the moment that they got ya
and like an avalanche of pain
the world falls down on you
and your left scarred and beaten
and disallusioned but wiser
no more believing in fairytales
or rainbows or white horses
cause you have seen behind the curtain
and know where the yellow brick road leads
you are now a bonifide lifetime member of the club
no one wants to be a member of
the I know the real truth club
and I walked thru the fire
and I carry this jaded cross around to prove my membership
is valid
it is a club that once you become a member
you can never leave
cause you cant unknow what you know
or unlearn what life taught you
or unfeel the pain of that truth
even though you want to
oh how you want to

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