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Fast Lane


I live my life in perpetual motion.  Seldom stopping or even slowing down.  Life at 70+ MPH.  Life in the Fast Lane.  The world outside goes by in a blur.  Houses and cars and people with lives and their own problems.  I just keep moving.  Every day, another place.  A new town.  New faces all in a blur.  That’s the way I like it.  No time to spare.  Gotta run, gotta go, gotta get there so I can go again.  Big wheels keep rolling, don’t ya know?  This pace, this lifestyle speaks to the runner in me.  That restless spirit that needs to feel the wind in my hair and those that get too close in my rearview mirror.  Can’t be slowed down or held too tight.  A week at home and off the road and I start pacing, like a caged animal needing to run free.  The road calls to me.  It beckons me to come ride it’s curves and marvel at it’s beauty awaiting me around each bend.  This is where the good times live for me.  Here, they are found in each new adventure.  This is where Real lives for me.  Here, in the faces and stories of the fellow travelers I meet along the way.  Kindred spirits who get it.  They, too, have been accused of running away, of possessing a gypsy soul that can not and will not grow roots.  Instead, they too, have that white line rambling fever, that traveling gene, that gotta go anywhere but here feeling that never leaves them alone.  They know the beauty of looking out at a windshield full of stars and making a wish and knowing it already came true.


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Disaster Relief

 In real life, out in the “real” world, my job is transportation and logistics;  the most basic definition of my job is transporting a variety of goods cross-country from point A to point B.  That definition does not begin to define or convey the million of experiences I am blessed to encounter between point A and point B.  I love what I do because the freedom it offers and because at heart I am a true gypsy of the road.  Everyday is an adventure out here to me.

  These last few days I have been transporting a Disaster Command Center from Alabama to Indiana.  It was a  monstrosity that required special permits in every single state and a million rules and regulations to be familiar with and adhere to.  It essence, it was a giant pain in the…well, you get the picture.  It looked like something that could easily land on Mars and then withstand the atmospheric elements of outer-space into infinity.  It had enough booms and satellites and communications equipment to rival any NASA contraption built.  It apparently could withstand any disastrous event including nuclear. 


  Having driven around a million miles of roads over my career,  I tend to  keep a professional eye on my cargo and do a little daydreaming at the same time while I ride…hey, it’s a long way to Indianapolis!  Anyway, I began to contemplate what it takes to withstand disasters.  To remain standing throughout the strongest attack, be it natural or man-made. 

  As I watched that huge hunk of metal in my rear-view mirror and imagined it being the only thing left standing in a nuclear attack and the materials it must be made out of to make such a claim, I thought of disasters in our own lives.

  The definition of disaster: 

(dĭ-zăs’tər, -săs’-) pronunciation

    1. An occurrence causing  destruction and distress; a catastrophe.
    2. A grave misfortune.

  Disasters and catastrophes come with little or no warning.  Often we are grossly unprepared to withstand the event, much less the after-effects.  In our personal lives, when such an event occurs, we must be built of solid, even super-human, strength.    I believe we ourselves may not even realize what we are made of until after we are left still standing following a disaster in our own lives.   After we dig out from under the wreckage and take stock of the damages, internal and external, that is where the rubber meets the road, folks.  This is the moment you reach down deep and find what it takes to carry on and rebuild your life and offer your own strength to those around you who need a helping hand.  This is where true strength of character comes in.

  The  synonyms of Disaster include Calamity which is stated to suggest a great affliction; emphasis is on the grief or sorrow caused: the calamity of losing a child. Also Catastrophe refers especially to a tragic outcome of a personal or public situation.

  I write many of my words with the heart of a mom with other moms in mind who have walked many miles in my shoes who are hurting and who are affected by personal disaster in their lives.   The mothers I have met and the rock-solid strength they convey in the face of tragedy would rival that hunk of metal I hauled this week.  If the kind of grit and fierceness these mothers have shown could be pattened…we would all be millionaires and NASA would be calling us.

Any disaster you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Joseph Campbell

Synonyms of DISASTER
1. mischance, misfortune, misadventure, mishap, accident, blow, reverse, adversity, affliction. Disaster, calamity, catastrophe, cataclysm  refer to adverse happenings often occurring suddenly and unexpectedly. A disaster  may be caused by carelessness, negligence, bad judgment, or the like, or by natural forces, as a hurricane or flood: a railroad disaster. Calamity  suggests great affliction, either personal or general; the emphasis is on the grief or sorrow caused: the calamity of losing a child. Catastrophe  refers especially to the tragic outcome of a personal or public situation; the emphasis is on the destruction or irreplaceable loss: the catastrophe of a defeat in battle. Cataclysm,  physically an earth-shaking change, refers to a personal or public upheaval of unparalleled violence: a cataclysm that turned his life in a new direction.

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